"Dude these are the best f'n photos of my band ever!" Sebastian Bach

Oh Yeah? Oh Yeah? Well All Right! 

On this website I have put together a selection of the best photos I have taken of rock stars and bands who have set crowds a light in (mainly) Tokyo Japan, and Australia.

Keith Tarrier is an Ausrtralian who currently lives in Tokyo, Japan. He has been taking photographs since high school, and has also been a huge rock and metal fan since he was age 8.

The first band Keith fell in love with was KISS, and as a boy living in the outskirts of Sydney Australia in the late 1970’s, he woudl havee never dreamed of one day meeting his idols (well he did dream of it, never thought it would happen) and even more so, taking photos with them and getting to know them, and work for some of the members of the band. Dreams come true!  

A big thank you to Bruce Kulick for opeing the doors for me to get my foot in and do photography and graphic art and design for KISS and many more very talented bands and artists from around the world. 

Keith Tarrier is the official photographer for:
Gargoyle, Spandixxx, Maziora The Band, Kick Star Babies and Ninezero.

FEATURING : KISS, Ninezero, Guns N' Roses, Hell City Glamours, Sebastian Bach, Metal Mike, Motley Crue, Foreigner, Paul Weller, Maziora The Bandand, Blood Sabbath, and many many more... HERE NOW!

Rockandrollallnite has photographed bands from the United States, Switzerland, Canada, France, New Zealand, Australia and of course Japan.

I hope you enjoy the show!

You can contact me via keith (at) keithtarrier.com

KISS in 2015

Uncle Gene Simmons

John Corabi 2018

Jeff Scott Soto 2018

Ron Bumblefoot Thal

Eric Singer

John Corabi 2015

Dizzy Reed 2015

Paul Stanley 2008

Dean Castronovo

Billy Sheehan

Doc McGhee

Brian Itchy

Tommy Thayer

Tommy Thayer

Eric Singer

Bruce Kulick and
Eric Singer

With Jason Bonham

Metal Mike!

Paul Stanley 2007

With John Corabi 2005

With Jeff Pilson

John Corabi and Chuck Garric

Grammy Winner
Bob Kulick

Sebastian Bach 2006

Sebastian Bach

Paul Stanley

Mick Jones

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